Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Salon (It's My Birthday!!!) & Give-a-Way

No joke!!! It is my birthday. I admit it, I'm shallow and "it's all about me." No, not really, but I will be alone today. However, I know Sunday Salon will make me smile and I will spend some time with you and a great book. Not to mention my greyts and felines. So if you want to just say hi and Happy Birthday don't hesitate.

This week was a slow reading week for me. It seems that I may have mono or some tick disease that is making me fall asleep. I can't tell you how disturbing this is for avid readers like us. Just picture you had a full nights rest.

As I woke up all I could think about was, coffee, relaxation, reading and relaxing. So I settle into my favorite comfy chair arranging cushions till they're just right. Nestling in I crack open the Host, by Stephenie Meyer, dying to read this I am just so psyched. I'm thinking as I'm reading, I'm so glad she is writing for adults also. I hope it is as good as her Twilight Series. ...........I open my eyes and realize I have been sleeping. I'm in the same position, my head still upright, the book pages flipped over my fingers.

Now, if this had been one isolated reading session, I wouldn't care, however, this has been happening for about two weeks. So, now on the weekend, I read a little, sleep a little, read a little, sleep a little and so on.....

For the record I've been reading, Home Girl (Early Reviewer LT), Caesar's Column, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, and the Host. That should keep me busy till the end of summer at the current reading/sleep pattern. LOL

I hope someday to finish a book again. Thanks for sharing my "25th+ a few" birthday with me. (NOT!!!)
Have a great week!!!

This is NIGHT NIGHT... he came off the track from Florida last week. He is almost 3 years old and ready to spend his life with a loving family as a pet. He's looking for a cushy job now, less running, definitely retirement on a cushy couch or extra padded pet bed. I spent yesterday at a Meet and Greet with him and he was quite a little sweetie. Very cute and taking it all in. He is up for adoption with Greyhound Rescue and Rehabilitation.

"My Shallow For the Greyhounds Birthday Give-A-Way"
If donate $3.00 or more for greyhound rescue for my birthday, you will make my day. You need to donate at the linked website . You will see the racing greyhound that says "Make a donation" This takes you to a Pay Pal page. If you don't have an account, you can sign up. In the comments just write " Sunday Salon Mystery's Mom". Remember, this is a tax deductible contribution. Then, tell me you made a donation and want to be entered in the drawing. "MY Birthday GIVE-A-WAY" for a Hardcover Copy of Ines of My Soul by Isabel Allende. (Never Read-Mint)

Thanks in advance for the Greyhounds. It's all about them. The deadline to enter will be June 6th. I will notify the winner within a few days after that.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday Salon at Cape Cod

I am packing to leave this glorious special spa by the sea so this is just a short Sunday Salon snippet. I didn't want to miss the fun, and I promise Monday or Tuesday, I will be visiting some of your blogs. As for why I missed my post this very special niece (God daughter) got married. It was a weekend of fun, joy, party time and laughter.

During the day of the wedding, my cousin and I went looking for independent bookstores. He and I have shared our love of books since we were kids. When we were old enough and had gained independence, we would go to NYC and browse all day. What fun!!!

This time, while on the Cape, we stumbled upon a used paperback store called "The Book Rack". This was a relatively small shop, but well marked and the books they had were in very good to near perfect condition. All books were half off the retail price. I picked up 6 new books. Barely worn and not a mark inside. What a treasure. Look at the bottom of this post for a photo of the stack. Yikes!!!! I better stop buying.
My cousin was worse than me. Tee Hee {The Book Nook, 1053 Route 28, S. Yarmouth, MA o2664} So, if you are on the Cape this summer, check it out.

Another place we didn't get to, but looked awesome was in Brewter, a little further down the Cape. It is called The Brewster Book Store. Here is a link to the event page. as it is so far.
The main page is

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunday Salon..Meeting Barbara Walters

I thought the book signing was Sunday. Oh ______ So being the Gemini Twin, I morphed into panic mode. When I called the bookstore in Madison, they wouldn't hold a copy of the book even when I said I would pay for it with a credit card.(Customer Service, 21st Century Style) My GPS didn't work and sent me in circles. I thought, "Was there a magnetic phenomenon that screwed up the satellite belt above Earth?" I hadn't eaten anything so I would save time, I was queasy and vertigo had set in. I darted in and out of the Saturday Mother's Day shopping traffic. Do drivers know that when they slam on their breaks, it triggers their break lights to come on? Seriously, stop..go..stop..slow..stop..stop.. Tires squealed and screeched. I was stupid to not even consider radar, police,a speed trap. I liked to drive like a Dewey Decimal Demon. Besides, I had visions of the salesperson saying, "Sorry, we just sold the last copy." Aghhhhh!! I must be the queen of anxiety. Fret, sweat, and fret some more.

I finally made it to Madison. Happily, there was a special book at the register for me. They had not run out...yet. There was one for me and I wouldn't leave empty handed.

Feeling like Willie Wonka, I went out to wait in the long line of "lucky purple ticket holders." I started to read. My mind blocked out the cacophony of downtown distractions. A loud party of four disturbed my thoughts. I looked up and noticed they had little interest in the book. Their books remained closed. While I stood there, I looked up and down the line and opened my ears to the conversations around me. I sensed many (certainly not all,and not the majority)people were not there to get the book to READ but to see Barbara Walters. Yes, they grinned as they left the store with their book, her signature and a dust collector show to their friends.

Can you my friends even imagine that your book would stay closed for a second? Can you imagine not even one peak at that book if it were you who stood on the sidewalk? You waited for the author's signature,who you would soon meet, but dared not read a word of her book?

From her candid expressive writing I enjoyed what I read. I inched closer to the front door. I was surprised I was able to concentrate in that long noisy line on the Boston Post. I inched a little closer, a salesperson came around to make sure our purple tickets were ready, and our books were "flapped" to the title page. She mentioned as an afterthought Ms. Walters would only sign her name no personalization. I preferred that anyway. I continued to read, bothered by the intrusion.I got my book, but did not get my photo with Barbara Walters. Why? The batteries had failed! Another Madison mishap. Miss Tekey also forgot her camera phone in the car.

No picture and it was my turn to meet her. She shook my hand and we talked. I could easily see what made her so successful as an interviewer. Her focus was only on me for those few minutes we talked. I had read the prologue while I stood in line. I thought to myself how fabulous she looked, and how approachable she was. We talked about the prologue and her sister. She impressed me, she was real, charming, tireless and a beautiful person who kept a smile on for everyone.

Hey, I got my book after a bit of a battle. My mom is still looking out for me. Thanks MOM and Happy Mother's Day. I still miss you and will love you always.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Salon-Cognition vs "No Child Left Behind"

I read this article from Friday's New York Times, and this link is a blog from School Library Media (online). I was so surprised and thrilled when this topic came up on my RSS feed. I had similar thoughts with this blogger. I take issue with this portion of the article in particular:

"But the most important part of information’s journey is the last few inches — the space between a person’s eyes or ears and the various regions of the brain. Does the individual have the capacity to understand the information?"

ALA (American Library Association) is always one step ahead. (see ALA Homepage) However, I also have to put in my plug for the teachers I work with. I read this article from Friday's New York Times, and thought, this is not a new concept!!

Classrooms are filled with curious minds clamoring to ask cognitive questions. Educators know this. From my perspective as a media specialist, in an elementary school with 18 classroom teachers, they are engaging students in meta-cognition methods of learning each day.

The problem excluding overcrowding, budget deficiencies, lack of materials, lack of support staff, to name a few, is mainly over testing too much and lack of time to teach. It is not what or how students are learning, but how much time they have engaged in this process. Ask any teacher you know and they will sadly tell you that most of their time, at least at the elementary level is giving assessments.

Teachers need the time to teach, where the emphasis is on learning not testing. Students have learned how to pass the CMT'S , because their day is spent perparing for the CMT. This is not a choice, it is Federal Law. School districts must achieve "No Child Left Behind" standards or face strict and severe sanctions and penalties.
Let our teachers do their job....Let them TEACH!!! Ok...I'll get off my box now.