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Review Blog Tour: The Turncoat by Donna Thorland


Penguin Group Blog Tour Presents

by Donna Thorland

Donna Thorland
Published by NAL-Penguin
March 5, 2013
Paperback 432 pages
List: $15.00, Kindle: 9.99

If you were asked to name a memorable historical romance novel set in the American Revolutionary War, most would find it difficult to name one or two.   THE TURNCOAT, Book #1 in the Renegades of the Revolution series will without a doubt fill that void.

The year is 1777 and Kate Grey, a Quaker and other women of her church are packing up supplies for the Continental Army.  Her father is Arthur Grey, a successful military man who recently departed Grey Farm with important information to deliver.  Among the ladies is Mrs. Ferrers, a widow, who appears to Kate to be out of place, somewhat odd.  

Shortly, a British soldier and company,  requisition the Grey Farm. He has an important dispatch to deliver to General Howe.  The man is Peter Tremayne, Lord Sancreed a Regular in King George’s army.  Tremayne is handsome, more arrogant than not with an air of self-importance and superiority. His uniformed exterior is lined with a sexual allure that is intoxicating.  His eyes are set on Kate Grey, plain and innocent.  He discovers a hidden document left by her father.  With these compromising papers as a lure, Kate agrees to meet him later.  While Tremayne is distracted by Kate, Mrs. Ferrers, who is a rebel spy, switches his documents before he continues on his journey. Tremayne faces court martial and possible hanging, but is given a reprieve with an ultimatum. His mission is to uncover the spy who betrayed him and this leads him to Philadelphia.  When he arrives, he meets up with his cousin Caide, rivals for years and a notorious rake. As they catch up, Caide shares his news of his upcoming nuptials. When Peter turns to meet the lucky woman, he gazes into familiar eyes.  Before him stands a beautiful well appointed woman, who he’d know anywhere as the plain and simple Kate Grey.

Historically, the plot weaves around the events of Valley Forge and the two enemy commanders, General Howe and General Washington. The scale tips more toward romance in this passionate  rebellious spy adventure of the 18th century. Kate makes a conscious choice to work for Washington as a patriot spy, knowing her treasonous acts can lead to sudden death.  Her Quaker roots remain, although buried deep below the surface.

Donna Thorland fashions strong determined women characters pitted against men who exude the arrogance of entitled birth with enduring results.  THE TURNCOAT with plenty of sexual passion and perfidious turns promises plenty of hold your breath moments.  It will be a long anxious wait for the second book due out next year.  

Wisteria Leigh
March 10, 2013


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