Sunday, September 1, 2019

Where Did Wisteria Leigh go?


Where Did Wisteria Leigh go?

Obviously it has been a long time since my last post.
Since that time, I have continued my work as a full time library media specialist and information literacy specialist. Basically, I teach K-5 in a public school in CT. The subject is called Media, and all students receive instruction in library skills, computer skills (safety, applications, digital citizenship, internet search and research skills and much more.

I also have spent the past two years building a business as a SeneGence Distributor.  I joined Senegence because I believe in the efficacy of the products. I sell a full line of  cosmetics and anti-aging products. Why Senegence?  SeneGence offers products that I believe in and work. I am amazed at the results personally and of all my customers.

However, the main reason that I decided  to join SeneGence was more than that. I believe in the ability that all women have the ability to become independent entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. The reasons are varied and in most cases personal...but nevertheless becoming a SeneGence Distributor is liberating for women, allows flexible work time, provides income and lifts each woman's self esteem and positive self image.

Should you have the curiosity to see my Facebook Page or pm me on my name still is listed as Wisteria Leigh, My group page is Wisteria Leigh Beauty and my business page is Wisteria Leigh Beauty. If you would like to join my group I suggest asking to join this group,,,,

Wisteria's VIP Beauties . (customer only access, no distributors).

I welcome all my reviewer friends and readers of my blog to visit my Facebook business.
I have been rewarded two years in a row, but if you are looking for an opportunity like this, I am
delighted to offer mentorship and my availability,

I have not given up on this blog or my writing...just took an exciting detour with a spectacular
marketing company.

As a SeneGence Distributor
My name on my SeneSite is Donna Edwards
My distriburot # is 414471