Thursday, July 24, 2008

Woman of a Thousand Secrets by Barbara Wood

Woman of a Thousand Secrets is a well researched historical epic revolved around Tonina, who is found floating down a river in a basket as an infant. She is raised by a childless couple until she comes of age and the couple knows they must send her off the island to find her real people. On a ruse that her grandfather is gravely ill, Tonina is sent away to find a red flower that will cure him. She always assume she will return to the island. Little does she know that in her search for the red flower she will discover her past and the beginning of an exciting future. There will be an island in her future, but where will it be?
Tonina’s journey will teach her many things but learning about the many ways to love will emerge. She learns about the love of friendship from Brave Eagle who will be there when she most needs him. She learns about passion and deep sexual desirous love from her husband Kaan. Lastly, she learns the special bond of a sons' love from Tenoch.

I felt there are two key themes in the story. One is the connectivity of the universe, and the cause and effect of what we do. Tonina and Kaan are always seeking to balance the world to appease the gods. The Aztec people was also a story of many cultures living together as one. This is also true in the story as Kaan succeeds in securing peace among the various fighting people and their chiefs. The second theme is the classic good versus evil throughout the story evident in the characters of Balam and Kaan, our modern day super heroes.

The success of this book will be partly in the obvious research the author needed to do. She has taken this background material and has created vivid images and lush scenery of the ancient Aztec culture interwoven throughout. As you read you envision every building, symbol, geographic location, and other cultural representations because of the author’s careful attention to detail. Each scene is a 3D visual treat in color and texture.

Woman of a Thousand Secrets is a wondrously entertaining story with global depth. I can’t wait to read another book by Barbara Wood, I thoroughly devoured this one!


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful review! Changing the subject. How are you enjoying your summer?

wisteria said...

Thanks J.Kaye...
Summer is greyt (with the greyhounds)
LOL. I wish they could put a finger on the sleeping problem. That is my only complaint...but at least I have eyes to see and for that I am grateful.
How about you? and your daughter? Are you going to any Breakaway events?

The Bookworm said...

wonderful review, this sounds like a great read!