Monday, September 8, 2008

Living Dead Girl-Review

Living Dead Girl
by Elizabeth Scott

Disturbing and psychologically creepy, I read this book in one day. Living Dead Girl evoked unforgivable and unspeakable images that became etched in memory.

Ray, an evil souled sexual child abuser has cleverly abducted Alice, a child of ten from a class trip. She becomes his child baby doll until she is fifteen. Ray who was also abused as a child doesn’t want Alice to grow-up and she fears when the time comes he will kill her. Repeated sexual, physical and psychological abuse are part of her daily life lessons. Fear, intimidation, threats to her family and starvation are just a few other ways he uses to perpetuate his power over her. She would rather be dead, than live this way. She calls herself “the living dead girl.” Will death be her only solution?

Elizabeth Scott said this story was meant to be told after she awoke from a dream that she had about Alice. I was compelled to listen with the passion I suspect Scott had in telling it. We want to think the sick psychopathic behavior in the story is just another fiction tale, but we know better. Gripping the book, I notice as I leave my chair for a break how tense I have become. I need a break a few times to ponder the story and take a breath. You can’t put this book down for long, you will finish it before you sleep with my guarantee.

Elizabeth Scott’s story is marvelously written as the story takes on a momentum of its own driving to a suspenseful conclusion. Tension, with a bit of surprise make for an anxious riddled ending. After reading the last page, I honestly felt like I was in a catatonic state for sometime. I was honestly lost for words, wanting to just reflect on The Living Dead Girl.


Ti said...

Wow. What a powerful review. What led you to pick-up this book? It's not a subject I would eagerly seek out but after your review I sort of want to read it.

maggie moran said...

Yeah, WOW! Sounds very intriguing even after reading there is sexual abuse.

Congrats! You won a first edition Dirty Work by Larry Brown! :D Please, e-mail me with an address.

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The Bookworm said...

this does sound like a creepy book.
its not the type of book I'd normally pick, because of hte subject matter, but your review does make it sound like a worthwhile read.

wisteria said...

Ti & Naida
Yes, the subject matter is difficult. I wanted to read it because it is a young adult book. The brevity of the book (170 pages) gets you through it quickly. I felt increasingly aware Alice's cognition. I don't want to give away too much of the story. Definitely an interesting book without a doubt.

Lana said...

Found you through the LT Blogroll and wanted to say hi.

This sounds like an amazing (though difficult) book, and I really want to read it now even though I normally shy away from subject matter like this. Great review!