Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Salon--Book Raffles Ending Tomorrow!!

The Sunday

Happy Sunday Salon to everyone and thanks to all who have sent their words of encouragement to me. I am making slow progress where I can now read again. Yippee!!!
Although, I tire very easily. I'm optimistic and looking forward---not backward so all your messages mean sooooo much to me. You are all very special to me. Thank you for being my blogger friends. Wisteria

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Don't forget the two contests that are ending on May 25th. Good luck to all who enter.

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Book Review

This is a review of the book Daddy's Little Spy that was originally published in Historical Novels Online. Check out the author Pamela Strange on this site that will connect you to a short bio, her website, youtube video and more.


Isabella Rose, Upfront Publishing, 2007, $18.50, pb, 286pp, 9781844264728

It is unimaginable, unthinkable, unrealistic, and impossible to fathom how any mother could instill the painful abuse and verbal threats of harm to her daughter. Yet, in Daddy’s Little Spy-Isabella, that is exactly what happened to Isabella. Classified a novel, it is based on the true story of one girl’s survival during World War II in England. Her mother practices witchcraft and takes great pleasure devising clever new ways to inflict pain on her daughter and then covering up her demonic deeds. Isabella called her mother Mummy Witch, and hated her too, but in a twisted way really just wants to be loved. Her mummy offers Isabella as a child sacrifice at the tender age of six. Fortunately, the warlock of the coven sends her away until she reaches the age of nine.
Her father, at first an ally, comes back from the war a changed man. Isabella can't wait for her father’s return but when he does, he will not save her. She wonders why he has changed and why is he protecting the Mummy Witch? Isabella is tragically alone and made to look like a child with problems. Her only solace is from her Angel Feebee and her Nana who are not always there to protect her. Always on guard, forced to keep the family secret, living with the pain of bruised and battered bones and frequent bloody injuries, Isabella must learn to live with her evil Mummy Witch or she will certainly die.
The story takes place between 1939 and 1949, a time when witchcraft is against the law and the treadle sewing machine is the rage. Otherwise, this is a timeless, horrifying tale of despicable acts of hatred and evil that will keep you awake. Short, abrupt sentence structure mimics the speech of a child talking, which can be bothersome at times. It’s difficult to believe someone is capable of such acts; this book will shock even the strongest of hearts.



Literary Feline said...

I am glad you are able to read more now. I continue to send you my prayers and thoughts. Thank you for the great review of Daddy's Little Spy. It sounds like such a hearth wrenching book.

bermudaonion said...

I'm so glad things are improving for you.

wisteria said...

Wendy...Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.
The book is pretty horrible and often stagnates in redundancy.

wisteria said...

bermudaonion....Thanks for the thoughts and stopping by. :)

The Bookworm said...

hi wisteria, glad you are feeling better.
oh my gosh, that book sounds so sad. I dont think i'd be able to read it.

Ladytink_534 said...

Oh my. This just makes me depressed reading about it. There's no way I could get through the book :(