Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mailbox Monday...but Tuesday

My books came to me via Borders and Goodwill. So, my ARC mailbox was empty, but in a way that helps me to catch up a bit now that I am officially on vacation as of today. Yippee!! Can you believe I had a chorus of four greyhounds roo-ing me to wake up at 6:00AM. A barking alarm clock that I didn't even have to set. I hope that the alarm goes off a bit later tomorrow. Ugh!

So what did I do my first day of vacation? I cleaned, of course. I organized my TBR books and bookcases. Then I finished reading The Indifferent Stars Above by Daniel James Brown, one of the Early Reviewer books from LT. I use a lot of baskets for books that are pending review or TBR. How about you?

How often do you have to organize your books? Are you a pile person? Do you keep every book on shelves or in bookcases? How do you separate different books in your home?
I'm so curious, because sometimes I feel overwhelmed with piles. Today, I feel much better.

Here are my new books that a few bookstores gave to me after I paid them....

-The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara...I have read this before, but I'm going to Gettysburg next Monday and I have to read it again.

-Slavery by Another Name, Douglas A. Blackmon
-The Negro's Civil War, James McPherson
-The New Civil War Handbook, by Mark Hughes
-Brady's Civil War Journal, Savas
-Women in the Civil War, Mary Elizabeth Massey...

As you can see, I'm really into Civil War books right now. With a few exceptions.

-Andrew Carnegie, David Nasaw...I've been anxious to read this biography and it was on a super clearance table. Yippee!!!
-Mr. Timothy,Louis Bayard...A novel about Tiny Tim grown up.

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to G-burg for the reenactment?

wisteria said...

I'm going with a grad class in Civil War History. We have an entire itinerary planned, but I don't think it includes a reenactment. Bummer.

Jen - Devourer of Books said...

I LOVED The Killer Angels, actually read it for a college 'Civil War Politics' class, it is one of my top 5 favorite books to read.

wisteria said...

Civil War Politics sounds like a great course too. I agree with you about The Killer Angels.

Blodeuedd said...

The Killer angels caught my attention, must check that one out.
happy reading

Literary Feline said...

What a relief to finally be on vacation! I think it wasn't until the end of my vacation earlier this month that my cats and dog finally let me sleep in a little. Just in time for me to have to start getting up early again. I imagine they were quite confused.

I have so many books . . . Organizing them depends on which set we are talking about. The ones on my desk (the immediate TBR pile) get organized and reshuffled about once a month or so. The books in my TBR room and those on the "read" shelves get organized much less often. Most of my books are on shelves, but not all. I'm afraid I don't have enough shelves for all of them. And so, my TBR room has boxes and piles of them as well. I'm not sure why I keep my TBR books separate from my "read" books. I keep a list of all the TBR books as it is and so could find them easily if I needed to. It probably hails back to the day when I didn't have a list and needed to keep them separate to avoid missing one.

I hope you enjoy your new books, Donna! Have a great weekend!