Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elizabeth the Queen, by Sally Bedell Smith


Elizabeth the Queen:The Life of a Modern Monarch
Sally Bedell Smith
Original Publication Date: 2011
Edition 2012,
ISBN 1400067898
Random House 688 pages

Sally Bedell Smith presents a comprehensive picture of Queen Elizabeth II. What makes this such a compelling read is the information and candid picture the reader will visualize from this biography. As an American, the image of Queen Elizabeth is often vague and remote. Perhaps that is how our president appears to other countries, but without experiencing Parliament and the British Monarchy first hand, one can’t help but feel unconnected and distanced. Yet, after reading Smith’s book for the Early Reviewer program at Library Thing, a clearer more human and genuinely warm image of the Queen is more likely probable. This biography depicts the Queen as a mother, who believes in the sacrifice of her role as the monarch above all. The love for her family is no less important, but her dedication to the British people will often cause limitations and conflict. The reader will identify with her positive inspirational spirit. This biography is a kind and gentle history of the Queen up to this current Diamond Jubilee Year. It is not just about the Queen, but about it encompasses her life, her extended family and her long and steady reign. I can’t judge how candid this biography really is. For example, does the author paint a pellucid portrait of the Queen? As with any popular public figure, the paparazzi, the press and the world will try and judge her. Draw your own conclusion by reading this enchanting biography, Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch. Did you know she has a Facebook page? How special would it be to actually friend this mighty yet petite techno savvy sovereign. Sally Bedell Smith’s biography is a noteworthy addition to the existing archives about the House of Windsor. Happy Diamond Jubilee : “Long Live the Queen!”

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