Saturday, January 4, 2014

World Book Night is April 23, 2014


In the past few years I have been a World Book Night Giver.  World Book Night has been very exciting for me as a library/media specialist.  Recipients have been excited, surprised and grateful for the opportunity to read something I have had previously read.  Just like my students, everyone wants to know about the book, so impromptu book talks are common. I hope to be a giver again this year. I have  linked the book selections below. 

For my readers who don't know about this organization, here is the press release:

World Book Night U.S. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading the love of reading, person to person. For more information about World Book Night, please visit our About Us section
The media plays an important role in the success of World Book Night U.S. For the past two years, they helped us broadcast to local and national communities the effort and hard work that went into distributing half a million books to light and non-readers across the country. Without the media, many of the wonderful stories that happened on April 23, 2013 would have gone unnoticed.
If you are a member of the media interested in learning more about World Book Night U.S., please contact us at, or email our Executive Director at

If you would like to support World Book Night here is an easy link to follow:

Booklist for 2014

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