Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Salon..Still have until June 4th for an Allende Book

I have been a bad girl this week and I bought a new MacBook Pro.   So I abandoned everyone while I got my notebook up and running to where I needed it to be.  I am soooooooo sorry, but I will read your blogs this week.  That's a promise!!
I have a surprise this week.  I will be attending an author visit, talk and signing.  Those who know me, can email me privately.  Also, some of you know about my sleep/fatigue problems. Well, I did fall asleep at the wheel this week coming home from school, but fortunately all is OK.  I have been to two doctors, and have a sleep study in two days. So...other than pulling over to sleep on the way home,  I just have to hang in there.  

My Mystery Girl

Contest is still on.  Contest is still on.  Contest is still on.  
It ends on June 4Th, so go check out the post for  May 25Th for all the details. Please everyone...for $3.00 only and using a safe Pay Pal pay service you can enter the drawing.  I'll make it even better.  If you donate 5.00, I'll enter your name twice.  That means a total of 5.00.  So, if you already donated something.  Just add to it, so that your total tax deductable donation is $5.00.  Thanks for the greyhounds. 

I received a book from Macmillan this week called Mighty Old Bones by Mary Saum.  It is a sequel to A Thistle and Twigg, by the mystery series of the same name. I read just the first chapter of this book and I know I am going to like it.  I would keep reading, but toothpicks won't hold my eyes open any longer. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, oh heart goes out to you. Keep us posted on the sleep study.

I am running behind on reading my favorite blogs!