Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Children's Books,Saturday Oct. 4th 2008


Homemade Halloween by Fox Chapel Publishing (Author), 2008, $14.95, 79pp. ISBN 978-1-56523-382-9

Just in time for family fun without too much fright this colorful comprehensive manual of easy, quick ideas to decorate for Halloween is here. The book is segmented into four parts. Under Dandy Disguises, you will find step by step, how to instructions including the materials needed to make great costumes for kids. Ghoulish Gatherings, as you can imagine will give you the best recipes and games for a paranormal party with panache. The Haunted House section includes just what you need to change your home into a spooky surprise. All this is can be accomplished by using the patterns and cutout in the last section of ten pages at the back of the book. The photographs are in color showing detailed angles to support your successful finished product. The publisher used real models and photos are of the real objects. Highly recommended.

Little Dragon and the Haunted House by Anni Axworthy, September 1, 2008, $9.95, 32pp., 978-1840894776.

Adorable and fun Halloween story of Little Dragon who dreams of owning his own haunted house. He could do this because he is a very special dragon. No one fears him. He can't blow flames. He can't even fly and he is a brilliant bright blue. However, he has lots of money because something strange happens when Little Dragon cries. His tears turn to pure gold. He lives with his friend Jago and Jago's family in a very small house. After watching a television movie on day Little Dragon decides to buy a haunted house. When Little Dragon finally finds a haunted house he likes, he buys it and they all move in. He begins to frighten the previous occupants of the house and he surprises you with his cleverness. Highly recommended for ages 4-8.

Anni Axworthy has also written another story of Little Dragon called, The Dragon Who Couldn't Do Dragony Things

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