Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunday Salon, Saye by Jeremy H. Walker

Debut Author

This week, it is with pleasure that I present to Sunday Salon, the review of a debut author and illustrator, who is not only a talented writer, but a gifted artist proficient in multimedia presentations. His book SAYE, is the first of five books in a series of science fiction, fantasy. He is currently looking for a literary agent who will represent him. Jeremy Walker is someone to watch!!!

SAYE, by Jeremy Walker

is a deeply rich debut fantasy novel by a young author whose name you will not want to forget. The story is brilliantly crafted with characters he has developed over many years from his early sketches. This refreshingly original book is futuristically visionary and captivating.

The story takes place on the planet Valiku near the constellation Cephues. The planet is inhabited by living beings of two races the kinth and the kolntas. The story is about a thirteen year old girl named Saye, who is abandoned after a long bloody battle. The war between the two races of Valiku,ended in the defeat of the kolntas. Saye has mixed heritage and has been adorned with the beauty from her kinth mother, and the symbol of the kolntas on her forehead from her father.

Saye is discovered by Hilonya, a messenger of the kinth who is riding by on her endelo. She spots Saye as she is running into a cave. With reluctance and trepidation Saye decides to follow Hilonya to Jayxen City, making the wise decision that she has no other choice. Saye is always guarded and doesn’t care much for Hilonya, especially when she tries to cover Saye’s head with a blanket before entering the city. What Saye doesn’t realize is the symbol on her forehead, is a tatoo that will draw attention to her difference. Although she looks kinth, she has the trait of a kolntas. Hilonya fears for the girls safety and wishes only to protect her from possible prejudice and hate from the people of Jayxen.

As the story continues the challenge for Saye is developing her sense of self having kinth/kolntas heritage, in a world composed of kinth people. The path is not easy for Saye and she is full of fury and foreboding.

Readers will relate to this story on so many levels. Saye is a timeless tale told with a sensitive heart. I'm anxiously awaiting Book 2, I couldn't put this one down. Highly recommended.


Lana said...

It has such a beautiful cover, too!

Literary Feline said...

This does sound good! And like, Lana, I think the cover is beautiful. Good luck to the author and thank you for a great review.

Have a great week!

Yvonne said...

Sounds like an interesting book!

Have a great week!