Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Salon....Just a little late!

The Sunday

Well, it's been a rough week with grad school work. I had to read Uncle Tom's Cabin in a week and prepare for class. I finished three books and reviews that were due. Fortunately, it is Spring Break this week and no grad class. I still teach the kids and do my other reading, but it's nice to breath a little.

Random thoughts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1) The first day of Spring brought snow instead of sunshine. Darn that groundhog!!!
2) It takes a long time to get rid of smoke in your house after a fire. It lands everywhere!!
3) Do you read the Introduction in a book? I always do now. Years ago I didn't, but I find that most of the time I do, unless they are too wordy and I'm getting nothing out of it. What are your thoughts?
4) I like to smell the inside of new books, I bet you do too.
5) Pretty bookmarks are important to me, but if I have to I'll use a piece of paper or anything that won't break the binding.
6) I like talking to other reading/writing bloggers...we're special!!
7) Muffins and coffee with flavored cream on a Saturday morning reading a good book is heaven to me.

Have a great week.


Literary Feline said...

Sorry I wasn't able to visit sooner, Wisteria. I hope your week got better, especially since you've been on spring break. :-)

I do read the introduction in nearly every book I read. If there are too many spoilers in it, I might skip it and save it for afterward. I've found some interesting information in introductions. At least interesting to me. :-)

I love pretty bookmarks. I have quite a collection of them--and yet you'll find me using scraps of paper just as often. Silly, I know.

I like your idea of a Sunday morning snack! Except for the coffee, at least. :-)

I enjoyed reading your random thoughts today, Wisteria. It does make things a bit easier, doesn't it?

Marie Cloutier said...

I love the muffins and coffee and flavored cream thing. makes me hungry just reading about it!