Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday's Child-Poppy and Ereth by Avi

Wednesday's Child is going to be the day I review my tike to teen literature.This week I have a book by Avi, the sixth and final book in his Poppy series. This book is an awesome read-a-loud as my 3rd graders will tell you. It is written for grades 3-7 and about an age range of 8-12. It is sad to see the Poppy series end after so many wonderfully years. Avi's website is

My Review

Harper Collins

Poppy and Ereth demonstrate once again Avi’s writing genius in his genre. His personified world is humanized through his artfully delivered dialogue. Fantasy overlaps non-fiction with his quick facts about animals written into the story text. Avi is a superb storyteller who will open doors to a new world if you acquiesce.

My students were saddened when they heard Poppy and Ereth, the latest book, would also be the final book in the delightfully sunny series by Avi. This last book centers around the relationship between Poppy, the deer mouse and Ereth the peevishly prickly porcupine. When Poppy takes an unexpected flight and can’t be found, an unsettled air takes over Dimwood Forest and her friends. Most unusual is the bizarre behavior of Ereth, who assumes a smiling face of fright, atypical of him, in the hopes of becoming more sociable.

Poppy and Ereth like others in the series, is uplifting and humorous with lessons of friendship, family, caring and love that will make you laugh, giggle and cry. With profuse sadness, I don’t want to say goodbye to this series. Perhaps the introduction of a certain new character, with a certain new home leaves room for a new series to come. Whatever Avi writes next, I know it will surprise and satisfy his audience.

Wisteria Leigh

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great idea for Wednesdays. this sounds like a fun series. I have a 3rd grader myself, i'll keep this book in mind for her!
great review ;)