Saturday, April 11, 2009

Don't Tell..It's a Secret Compartment Book

Here are a couple of fun videos about how to make a secret compartment from a book. I thought I would show you a couple and let you vote on your favorite. You must have one book that is ready to be torn to pieces. Haven't you sometimes wanted to throw a book across the room? Here's your chance to turn your book bombs into something useful.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Here are my questions:

1. Which video did you think was the best?
2. Whould you spend the time to make a secret compartment book?
3. Does it really bother you to cut up a book for this purpose?
4. Any other comments?
5. How many of you already have a secret compartment book?....Remember, don't tell us the's a secret.
6. If you wanted to make a secret book, which book would be a good one to destroy?

Have a fun Saturday...Wisteria


Missy B. said...

I liked the third video the best.
I would have to really hate a book to cut it up like that, but yes, I would spend the time to make a secret compartment book.
It wouldn't bother me if I absolutely couldn't stand the book...I could cut it up, no problem! :)
I don't have any secret compartment books at the moment.
I can't think of the title of any certain book that would be a good one to destroy, although I think it should be a thicker book, so you could hide more stuff in it!

Literary Feline said...

I think I like the third video best too. I have a shell of a book that is hollow inside but it was never an actual book--no guilt associated with having to destroy a book to make it. It looks just like a book on the outside--it's just much lighter.

I don't see myself ever making a secret compartment book. I would have too hard of a time cutting into a book, regardless of what I thought of it. And it's just not something I see a need for in my life.

The Book Resort said...

Oh, boy, let me put on my thinkin' cap : )

The Bookworm said...

cool post! I think I like the first and last vidoes best, they are straight to the point. For some reason these book with secret compartments remind me of prison inmates! lol. I guess i've seen too many films where they hollow out the book to put their weapon inside.
It might be fun to make one. I might have to one day, and have my kids help out, I think they'd like it.

wisteria said...

Missy...I agree, a bigger book would be better.

Literary Feline...It is hard thinking about cutting up a book isn't it? I'm thinking I might do it with one really used falling apart yuck book from a flea market. LOL

Naida...I think making one of these books with your kids would be a fun project. If you do you should post about it. I would like to see it. Take pictures.

To all...I was not sure about which video I liked best, but I liked a little from the first and third video. I guess like all research you need a variety of sources. LOL