Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Wildest Heart, by Rosemary Rogers

The Wildest Heart
Rosemary Rogers
November 2009
748 pages

The back cover summary:

Lady Rowena Dangerfield travels from the exotic palaces of India to the splendor or the Royal Court of London to the savage New Mexico frontier to lay claim to her inheritence and live freely as only she would dare. In the violent, untamed American Southwest, she finally meets a man as strong as she is: Lucas Cord, a dark dangerously handsome, half-Apache outlaw. Fighting scandal, treachery, and murder, Luke is determined to have Rowena for his own,, and as their all-consuming passion mounts, no one is going to stop him...

My evaluation:

Rosemary Rogers romance is so absorbing you will lose track of hours at a time. Rowena will turn your head as she takes on Todd Shannon when she insinuates herself on the SD Ranch. Her obdurate behavior is lovable, especially as she stands out in this time period of 1872-1876. She is the rightful heiress to half the ranch, but Todd has other plans. After all, he has been working this ranch all along. What Todd doesn’t realize is he will be dealing with a viper and a beautiful one at that. The setting taking place in the New Mexico desert provides picturesque images of expansive land and sky. The ever increasingly entangled plot has been carefully knitted together and cleverly revealed by the author.

I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough and with this book being 748 pages, that is a good thing. Honestly you will not want the story of Rowena and Luke to end. The story takes on so many twists, you will often become frustrated, eager for a resolution. The tension is not bad, it makes the story what it is. Romance, lust and love on every level fill this story but the passion of the two main characters will make you want to shake Rowena, and Luke and have you wondering until the very last page. I hope to be able to read another Rosemary Rogers romance very soon. This one was superb!

Thanks to Danielle from Sourcebooks for sending me this copy to read.

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