Friday, March 4, 2011

Corning Looks at the Future-Simply Incredibly Amazing

I have always embraced technology and consider myself a visionary. I am a media specialist and wonder daily what kind of environment will surround us in the near future. Experts agree that our students will need skills that we can't even imagine, because the world will be so different. Take a look at a glimpse of our future in this video produced by Corning, called A Day Made of Glass...Made Possible by Corning.

A special note for my reading friends! Keep an eye out for the last scene, as the man in the video is reading before bed. Imagine this book of the future. Could this really be the e-book of our future? Incredible don't you think? When I look at the Kindle I just purchased, this video clip, makes it look like an antique already.

I haven't stopped thinking about this video since I first saw it. Upon reflecting, my left and right brain try to process this video differently. I sense an anxious and fearful sense of trepidation, yet I marvel with a childlike enthusiasm and anticipation anxious for all the new technological possibilities ahead.

What do you think?

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ImageNations said...

Couldn't watch the video ... bad things from my end.