Saturday, April 27, 2013

Greyhound Runners Turn Runway Fashion Models


Ask any greyhound owner to talk about their rescued greyhound and they will all have remarkable stories to share. When you take an athletic racer off the track to live in your home, you might expect that they need a lot of exercise. Not true. These former race dogs would prefer the couch and a couple of walks a day.  Proceed with'll have to hold on to the leash tight- especially when they see something of interest: moving car, squirrel, bird, plastic bag. I have a fenced 6' pen for those times when the chill in the air turns a midnight walk into a nightmare. 

I do confess they all have coats and pajamas or cozy blankets.  It's not to be cute really, they no fat layer and are all muscle with a very thin skin and short hair. Greyhounds are easily chilled and will overheat quickly in the summer. 

My current pack of three, B's Cowardly Lion (Lion), Red Bud Diablo (Wizard), and Full of Beans (Vincent Van Beans...or just Beans) love to go for walks. Beans,a former foster dog, is a young two year old. He is now officially part of my three-pack.  When I came across this You Tube video of adorable greys sporting fashionable knitted sweaters....I just had to share. 

I hope to knit one or two...oops, I guess now it'll have to be three. 

Check it out!

                                Greyhound Runners Turn Runway Fashion Models

This You Tube video came from a fun and informative website called Greyhounds4me. 

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Teddyree said...

aww love the photo of Lion, Wizard and Beans and the video clip. Our little rescue puppy Bella usually wears a jumper, she doesn't have much fur due to her rough start and a bad case of mange.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I'm so glad I stopped by to catch these sweet photos:)

Hope you have been doing well.

Unknown said...

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