Saturday, April 6, 2013

Houdini-Sweet Kitty-RIP


RIP Houdini


Thank you to all my FB friends who have sent 
condolences and cheer to me during this difficult time. 

Houdini-18 Years

I was so so lucky to have an intuitive cat as a sweet fur companion for 18 years. He has been my rock during difficult times. Whether I was in emotional or physical stress he sensed my discomfort and would not leave my side until I was better.   How he always knew when I had vertigo,  is a puzzle to me.  He would lay on top of me to ensure I slowed down, while he purred a soothing and healing mantra.

Luckily, Houdini was a healthy boy until the end. I think he just knew it was time to move on. He refused to eat or drink.  It has been so sad watching him waste away these past few weeks.

I was so lucky to be with him at the end.  He died in my arms, snuggled under my chin. He has joined his buddies, Mystery and Webster at the rainbow bridge.

I love you will be remembered and deeply missed.  -Mom xo

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wisteria said...

Thanks so much Anna. I miss him.

Teddyree said...

Late to see this but just wanted to say I was sorry. Houdini must have been a beautiful natured boy, nice that you could be with him to bring him comfort at the end.