Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Salon, March 8, 2009

The Sunday

Daylight Savings..Did you all remember to Spring Forward? I hope everyone enjoyed the shorter time to rest last night. I would have done much better if my dogs were able to tell time and understand the time change. Did anyone feel like this?

I know for me it is never an easy transition, but the benefits are well worth it.
*I get an extra hour of daylight tonight and each night until I have to set my clocks back in the fall.
*I love that. According to the energy department, I will save money on electricity-always a good thing. Maybe I'll buy another book.
*I feel better having the sun's rays shining on me just a little bit more each day.
*I'm happy the warmer days of the year are beginning to wrap their arms around me.

This is a picture of the statue of Clio, the Goddess of History. Her clock reminds me of the time gone by, the time I have alive and how each day is precious time.

Clio, the Muse of History, stands in a winged chariot representing the passage of time and records events as they occur. The car rests on a marble globe on which signs of the Zodiac are carved in relief. The chariot wheel is the face of the clock; its works are by Simon Willard.

If you want to read a book about Daylight Saving Time, the book Seize the Daylight, The Curious and Contentious Story of Daylight Saving Time by David Prerau is a captivating and fun history lesson. The Seize the Daylight Website has more information.

After having a fire in my house this week and my garage door breaking with the car in it, I know timing is very important. As I look back, a little time saved my fur babies and I from a serious situation. I'm ok...just suffering the effects of smoke inhalation.

Vasily reminded me that I did read..actually quite a bit. I finished Little Women, Big Boy Rules and The Sacred Well. Of course everyone knows Little Women and it's always great to read a classic again. What classic have you re-read lately?

From the 19th century, I turned to the mercenaries in Iraq. Big Boy Rules by Steve Fainaru is contemporary non-fiction written by a reporter who witnessed carnage and the daily danger these hired men encountered. It is not for the faint of heart.

Then a historical fiction book I absolutely loved called, The Sacred Well by Antoinnette May. It was so passionate I cried. I will review BBR and The Sacred Well in a future post. My next read is The German by Paul Griner.

Have a great week everyone. Tell me how did you spend your precious time this week? Don't forget to leave a comment for the book giveaway.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about the fire and your garage door. I hope things are better. I spent my week doing homework and getting a little reading in.

Have a great week!

wisteria said...

Vasilly, Thanks!! Also...for reminding me I forgot to mention what I was reading. Dah!

serendipity_viv said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles this week. Hopefully next week will be better. You threw me a little with the clocks going forward. I panicked,then realised you do it on a different date to us in England.

Literary Feline said...

You've had quite a week! I am glad you and the furbabies are okay. I admit I'm not too fond of the time change. I'd rather the time not changed at all. I wouldn't mind time being stuck perpetually in Daylight Savings time though . . .

It's been a very long time since I reread a classic. I think that would have been Pride and Prejudice, which I reread a couple of years ago at least. Rereading books is a rarity for me.

I hope you have a much better week than your last one. Take care.

Desert Rose said...

Hi Wisteria :)

I was passing by to tell you that I gave you an award :)

Please check it out here ..

The Bookworm said...

Daylight Savings Time always screws me up lol.
Losing that one hour is too much.

The Goddess of History statue is beautiful.

Sorry to hear about the fire, glad you are all ok. That is very scary.

Enjoy your week hun.