Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Salon-October 17, 2010

Happy Sunday to all! I feel like I have been away for a long time and really miss the interaction with all my blogger friends. At the beginning of the school year, I find it so difficult juggling everything I want to do. Something always has to slip to the back for a while and unfortunately it is my blog. While it is my true passion, it doesn't provide that weekly paycheck. As the school year begins, my focus turns to lesson preparation. management of the media center, teacher collaboration and my classes. It's all about the kids and time with my students.

While I still read a lot, my free time is so limited. To add to the mix, one week after school began, the PTO held their semi-annual bookfair. While this is so exciting for the kids and teachers, it takes place in the media center, so my space is chaotic for two weeks. As this coincides with two nights of open house the media center is a hectic hub of energy.

Last week I participated in a family read night and had a super fun time reading to kids and parents. My friend and I read Miss Nelson is Missing, followed by You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Scary Tales to Read Together, by Mary Hoberman. We arrived in costume to the delight and surprised of our students. I was the perky Miss Nelson, and my friend was Viola Swamp. It was such a riot and the kids were mesmerized and roared with laughter. Hopefully, I will have a pic to share of Viola and Miss Nelson.

It's hard to believe that 7 weeks of school has slipped by so quickly, but the school year always flies by.
I hope to have the time to stop by and visit everyone soon. Please forgive my absence during this back to school time.

My dogs are doing well. It is blanket time as you can see Wizard tucked in for the night. Without body fat it only takes a little chill at night to cause them to shiver in the morning. Believe it or not they will sleep covered all night. They are so silly. :)

My front yard is blanketed with a colorful leaf quilt, so for me this crisp New England day will take me outside to enjoy Autumn's charm. Hopefully, I will carve out some time to continue my current read, Obama's Wars, by Bob Woodward. I hope you have a great Sunday, whatever you have planned!

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Glad you and the dogs are well. cute photo

Alice said...

Happy Sunday, Wisteria! Don't worry about it. I am always ready for your visits so come when you can make it. Hehe...

P/S: Deborah wrote a thank-you note to me for contributing to her dog's vet fund. That's very sweet of her. Because I now lived in Penang and the card was sent to my KL address, I asked my mom to read the contents to me. :D

rhapsodyinbooks said...

What a sweet baby, all tucked in!

Ti said...

The start of the school year threw me off too. I am on PTO and the board meetings and responsibilities have been a bit much for me this year. I sort of can't wait for it to be over.

Everyone looks so cozy all snuggled up and tucked in.