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The Active/Creative Child:Parenting in Perpetual Motion
by Stephanie Vlahov

Stephanie Vlahov has written a parenting handbook based on her experience as the parent of a child, who she has described as an active/creative child. Based on her life with her son Alex she has made eight observations in a chapter titled, “Who is This Child.” If I were a parent of a child who exhibited these traits, I imagine this book would be very helpful. The author also offers her list of ten “Helpful Hints” to support parents who believe they have an active/creative child with sage advice and actual scenarios from her own life. These observations and hints represent the core of this book, which is intended to help parents cope, and offers hope for what she identifies as a challenging lifestyle for the entire family.

For example, she writes,

“The active/creative child will bond with and develop affinities for those things that speak to his or her creative process.”

“The most important thing is not to be judgmental and enjoy the process.”

“Let your child decide how their work of art is to turn out.” in other words, let them create their own work.

“Have fun. You will have a great time exploring your child’s world along with them.”

The author’s advice, shows keen awareness gleaned as a parent of an active/creative child. Although the book’s focus is directed at the active/creative child, it can and should be considered as a guide when raising all children. Teachers follow many strategies known as differentiated instruction when teaching in the classroom today. They identify students’ strengths and design instruction that teachers to multiple intelligences. It is imbedded in educational pedagogy and demonstrates best practice. Parents who read The Active/Creative Child will benefit from many of the strategies that are already commonly implemented in our schools. The author points out the importance of parent involvement at school in the chapter titled, Teachers and the School System. Parent involvement and communication is key for all students.

Overall, this is an interesting personal case study offered by the author, valuable information and well organized that offers a hopeful handbook for parents of children who are seen as active/creative.

Disclosure: This book was a free copy provided by the publisher.

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