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Review-Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni


Danielle Trussoni
Viking Adult-Penguin Group
March 26, 2013
Hardcover, 320 pp

Honestly I loved ANGELOPOLIS.  As a fan of Deborah Harkness, I was intrigued by this series by Danielle Trussoni.  The genre is not in my normal comfort zone.  However, after reading the novels of Harkness and Trussoni,  I am now a huge fan of  this category of historical fantasy and mythological magic.  This shouldn't surprise me, after all I was brought up on fairy tales and Greek Mythology.  Who doesn't love fairies and angels?  Danielle Trussoni 
will ensnare you in her richly imagined suspenseful world of fallen angels. Her writing style is absorbing, rich with imagery and realism.  Enchanting, enveloping and exotic. 

ANGELOPOLIS, is the second novel in this series, but easily stands alone.  For those readers who like this reviewer have not read Angelologist, a New York Times bestseller it is not too late to back track. I guarantee after reading book two, you will crave the next book in the series and should definitely pick up ANGELOLOGIST in the mean time. 

Highly recommended...plot was full of enough twists and turns. Characters were memorable, often chilling and some otherwise endearing. Verlaine is now an elite angel hunter and works for the Society of Angelology in Paris.   It is now ten years since his appearance in ANGELOLOGIST when he first saw the illuminating Evangeline descend from the Brooklyn Bridge.  Verlaine soon learns that Evangeline is still alive, and the discovery leads him to risk all to pursue her. Who knew there were bad angels among the good?  The angel hunters pursue evil, the fallen angels comprise an army of various species with distinct characteristics. 

Historical reference to Rasputin and the the Romanov's, along with a plot that includes the famous Faberge Easter eggs,made for Tsar Alexander III,  add  authenticity and mystery to the plot. Trussoni takes the reader from Paris, to St. Petersberg and finally Siberia-where underneath an off-line nuclear reactor the final showdown takes place.  

Don't miss enticingly tense and ethereal adventure among angels and angelologists where the line between good and evil is a fine line to cross.  

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Disclosure: Angelopolis was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Thank you to : Jane Shim, Publicity Assistant

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Helen Hollick said...

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wisteria said...

Hi Helen!!
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