Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Library Finds

we had a freaky snow squall that quickly caused havoc for the morning drive into school. Caught off-guard by the weather forecaster's predictions school was not delayed. This presented a wheel gripping drive into work for all. Buses were late, teachers were late, parents were late and the frenzy of the morning superseded all attempts to teach as the staff tried to settle the anxiety atmosphere within the building.

Then, at 9:30 when the snow didn't stop, we were told we were going into an early dismissal schedule and to adjust the rest of the days classes accordingly. So now the kids were jumping with excitement again. Oh what fun! High energy and classrooms jumping with charged up elementary children was sure to follow

Going with the flow everyone prepared to leave at 1:00PM. As I attended my bus duty, I was really having a good time seeing the kids off to their buses as they passed by me with grins of delight, anxious to get home and have extra play time, snow fun and possible hot chocolate.

With the extra time on my hands I was finally able to get to my public library. Believe it or not my card had expired. Drat! How could I have been away from this wonderful place for so long. I used to go several times a week. I obtained a new card and looked around at all the alterations and changes since I last was there. It felt like a comfortable pair of slippers as I looked around.

Fortunately, the stacks were still as they were in the past, but new technologies had taken over and the layout required a change to accommodate the DVD loan section.

I ended up staying there for almost two hours. What an awesome way to spend my early dismissal time before I headed home to my hounds.

Here are my two finds that I will read for War Through the Generations, Vietnam Challenge.

After River by Donna Milner

Short Partial Summary from School Library Journal
Adult/High School—This novel with multiple voices chronicles different points in a woman's life. The main narrative follows Natalie Ward, who leads a charmed life in Prince George, BC, during the 1960s. It is only a matter of time before reality interferes with the idyllic. The political uncertainty of the era comes knocking on her family's door in the form of a draft resister, Richard "River" Jordan. His resistance to the war in Vietnam causes tension on the Ward homestead.

Perfect Spy, The Incredible Double Life of Pham Xuan An, Time Magazine Reporter and Vietnamese Communist Agent.

Short blurb from the cover jacket:
During the Vietnam War, Time reporter Pham Xuan An befriended everone who was anyone in Saigon, including American journalists such as David Halberstram and Neil Sheehan, the CIA'S William Colby, and the legendary Colonel Edward Lansdale-not to mention the most influential members of the South Vietnamese government army. None of them ever guessed that he was also providing strategic intelligence to Hanoi, smuggling invisible ink messages into the jungle inside egg rolls."

Don't these look like they will be good?

I normally wouldn't be able to post in the morning, but we were granted a 90 minute delay today as the snow slicked the roads up again during the night. I so enjoy the unexpected time that winter weather provides when it interrupts the normal routines.

Have a great day!


serendipity_viv said...

What a lucky unexpected afternoon you had off. And what better way to spend it, but in the library!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

After River sounds awesome. BTW: we had that freaky snow squall around dinner time yesterday --so freaky!

Alice said...

Both books sound awesome for your challenge. Happy reading!

Literary Feline said...

Sounds like quite a storm! I am glad you were able to spend a little time at the library as a result. :-)

Both books look like they will be good ones. I'll have to make a note of them. I look forward to reading your thoughts about each one.

Marie Cloutier said...

I love those little pockets of found time that you can get now and then with winter weather- the silver lining to bad weather :-)

wisteria said...

Vivienne-It was a great day despite the horrific ride in the am.

Diane...It was bizarre. Glad you weren't driving in it. :)

Alice..Don't they? Thanks

Literary Feline..It was just that it hit the area at the worst time in the am. The cold temperature of the roads with a small coating of snow turned the drive into an ice rink. LOL

Marie..That's exactly what it was..a silver lining.:)

Iliana said...

How fun that you got to reconnect with the library! I'm actually thinking of visiting a new (to me anyway) branch tomorrow. Can't wait to see what goodies I'll find. Stay warm and enjoy your library finds!

wisteria said...

Have fun on your visit. Let us know what you find.