Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Author Challenge

I want to thank Teddyree over at Eclectic Reader for posting about this challenge or I wouldn't have heard about it. Yes, I have decided to do this challenge since it is so flexible. Not to mention I just love the badge for this challenge. New Author Challenge is hosted by Literary Escapism, a new blog to add to my blogroll. I included my first book from today's post of Island of the Swans, so I'm on my way. Now if you read my post earlier about getting things done today. I'm not doing very well. So far I'm still reading and posting comments to blogs. But, I'm really enjoying it. So much for planning. LOL

New Author Challenge List

1. Island of the Swans, by Ciji Ware
2. Daughters of the Witching Hill, by Mary Sharratt
3. Black Hills, by Dan Simmons


The Bookworm said...

happy reading wisteria!

Literary Feline said...

Good luck with the challenge, Wisteria! Discovering new authors is such fun, I think.

wisteria said...


Literary...I think so too! Thanks.

Serena said...

This is a great challenge that I signed up for as well. I've already found 7 new authors this January! I signed up for just 15, but I think I might just sign up to read more for the challenge...since I have found so many great new-to-me authors.

Good luck!

wisteria said...

Serena..Great news. I'll be looking at your posts to check out your new authors. I think I will sign up for 25 or so. I have to check out the challenge link again. Did we have to sign up for specific numbers?
Good luck to you. Glad we're in this together.

Alice..Thanks for the support:)