Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mailbox Monday, February 10, 2010

Well....I've had a busy time with my baby Mystery, so I'm catching up with my posts and comments today. I'm still waiting for the big storm in the Northeast as I sit here reading, writing and enjoying this strange snowless, Snow Day. At least so far we only have a dusting. I'm not complaining. In any case here is my Mailbox Monday, and I will be by to check on everyone else too. Enjoy!!!

As most of you know Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. Thank you once again Marcia for hosting this weekly event. :)

Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week (checked out library books don’t count, eBooks & audio books do). Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.

This week in my mailbox I received:

>Elysiana, by Chris Knopf
Drakes's Bay, by T. A. Roberts
Pretend All Your Life, by Joseph Makin
Then Came the Evening, by Brian Hart
Bloodroot, by Amy Greene

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Blogger Anna said...

These all sound good. Happy reading!

Diary of an Eccentric

2/10/10, 12:23 PM  
Blogger (Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Oh Boy Bloodroot! I have the library copy and plan to read this one this weekend. Enjoy!

2/10/10, 2:40 PM  
Blogger serendipity_viv said...

I hope Mystery is OK. I have missed the last couple of days, so I am totally out of it.

Love the books.

2/10/10, 4:29 PM  
Blogger Serena said...

Bloodroot sounds good. Happy reading.

2/10/10, 5:51 PM  
Blogger Alice said...

They all look great! :D

2/11/10, 4:12 AM  
Blogger The Bookworm said...

great mailbox wisteria! happy
reading :)

2/14/10, 12:54 PM  
Blogger wisteria said...


Diane-I'm anxious to start this one too.

Vivienne..Mystery is a mess. I will post about her today. :(

Alice and Naida...Thanks!! Happy reading to you too.

2/15/10, 9:56 AM  

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