Thursday, January 1, 2009

Special Post for New Years Day

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years Eve!

There is no secret that my favorite genre is historical fiction, and I do read a lot of it. When I heard about Sandra Worth's new book I couldn't wait to read it. You know how it is though, many books are stacked ahead of others and I had to unwillingly put The King's Daughter to the back of the pack. It was with mixed emotions that I had to save it till I was off from teaching to read it. I was dying to read it, but I had so many other commitments. Now, I'm glad, I waited and could spend this holiday with The King's Daughter, as I savored time reading every page curled up in my cozy chair. Here is my review.

The King’s Daughter
A Novel of the First Tudor Queen
by Sandra Worth
Berkley Trade Paperback(Penguin Group,USA)

Sandra Worth has written a gripping dramatic historical novel based on the ruthless rise to power of the Tudor court. It is a complex history that is presented through the eyes of Elizabeth of York, the King’s Daughter who became the first Tudor Queen upon marrying the usurper Henry Tudor.

Bewitched from the beginning I was a captive reader until the last page. This book is an Elizabethan page-turner from the fifteenth century best seller's list. It offers realistic melodrama, intrigue and suspense, illegitimacy and bigamy, plotting and murder, love and hate all from European History.

Unrequited love and self sacrifice surround Elizabeth’s life. Her only true happiness is the joy she receives from the birth of her son Prince Arthur, heir to the throne.
As Elizabeth the Good learns, marrying Prince Charming does not always guarantee you get you a prince. King Henry VI is the antithesis of the Queen. Virtually invisible, and supplicant to Henry’s mother, Elizabeth is forever pleading with King Henry to grant leniency when punishing his enemies. In most cases begging is wasted on his heartless unmerciful soul.

This novel has been researched with careful attention to historic accuracy and details. Author’s notes clarifying the writer’s process, historical notes and bibliography are included.

The King’s Daughter is an evocative tapestry of the time that presents a history lesson with each passionate page. Sandra Worth tells historical fiction with an enchanting allure making expectations for her next novel an impatient wait. I highly recommend this book.

December 28th 2008

For further information visit Sandra
Worth's Website


Literary Feline said...

This does sound like a good one. Thank you for the great review. I love historical fiction, although I don't read it nearly as often as I should.

troutbirder said...

First time visitor who just stumbled in...
Being a big book worm I enjoyed my visit here. I have recently become a big fan of historical fiction having discovered Sharon Kay Penman. Thus you latest post immediately caught my eye. Thanks

wisteria said...

Thanks Literary Feline.

wisteria said...

Hi troutbirder...thanks for stopping by. I too like Sharon Kay Penman and plan on reading more of her books this year. Do you know the book Shades of Gray by Jessica James? It is my top pick for 2008 and if you love Civil War historical fiction and romance...this one that rivals the best.