Monday, January 19, 2009

A Virtual Tour with David Snowdon

The Mind of a Genius by David Snowdon

ISBN: 978-0-9552650-1-3
Publisher: Pentergen Books
Pages: 288
£6.99/ $13.56

I have the pleasure of hosting a part of the David Snowdon Virtual Tour. I read The Mind of a Genius without a break as there was no place to take a breath. A secret project, a sultry scientist's widow, an assorted list of international spies and cunning criminals all jockeying for a first place finish to get the formula that could change the world. On the edge drama, you will wiz through this spy thriller!

David Snowdon Bio

British thriller writer, David Snowdon was born in London, and lives in London. He started writing in 1983, and wrote his first book, which hasn’t been published in 1984. His first published work, Too Young To die, was published in August 2006. And his second novel, The Mind of a Genius, was published in November 2007.

Introducing The Mind of a Genius

What was the project the British Scientist Malcolm Prince working on before he died? He claimed it was finished and it will change the world. British spies, the CIA and Danish Intelligence all want the formula. One spy, an independent agent working for M14 is Jason Clay. Definitely the confident James Bond type. As his luck would have it, his job is to get the formula from the scientist's widow, Laura Prince, anyway he can. Here is an excerpt from the book:

Excerpt from The Mind of a Genius by Daniel Snowdon

Sitting on a stool at the bar, Jason Clay sipped his drink, nodded in time to the music and watched the two girls from a distance.

Tonight he wore a black silk shirt with tight-fitting black leather trousers. Because there were so many well-dressed people in the club, he was able to blend in without attracting too much attention. Although, he still got the odd stares of admiration from the girls.

It had been six days ago that he had gone to see Shooter. And over the past three days, Shooter had continuously been on his back. He had repeatedly explained to Shooter that although he was keeping tabs on the girl, he hadn’t had a chance to make a move, and he didn’t want to ruin things by being rash. But Shooter didn’t want to know and kept urging him to do something as soon as possible, as they didn’t have a lot of time. Now he was itching for some action.

A flower guy came towards his direction moving through the crowd, and Clay caught his eye and nodded at him.

“Give that girl a flower,” he said, pointing to Laura when the guy got to him.

“Which one?” asked the guy, staring in their direction.

“The blonde one,” said Clay, handing the guy a £10 note. “And get yourself a drink. You look as if you can use one.”

“Thank you, boss,” said the flower guy, staring at Clay in amazement and not believing his luck.

He was a slim, medium height, North African-looking guy wearing a short-sleeved white shirt. He was from Morocco.

“No worries,” said Clay, as the guy went towards the girls.

“That’s for you, luv,” said the flower guy, handing Laura a flower.

Laura frowned at him, hesitated and decided to take the flower.

“It’s from the guy sitting at the bar,” he said, pointing towards Clay’s direction. “The blonde guy in the black shirt.”

Both girls stared towards Clay’s direction, noticing him for the first time, and both girls saw a stylish handsome blonde guy, wearing a black shirt, sitting at the bar and looking in their direction.

Clay saw the flower guy give Laura the flower, he saw the girls suddenly look towards his direction and he waved, giving them his boyish smile.

Laura regarded him from a distance, and she felt a wave of excitement sweep through her. He’s a dreamboat, she thought. Blonde, tall and handsome. And he was quite young. Well, he was a lot younger than her. Just the way she liked them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wisteria,
I haven't been ignoring you. I've just found the book on your blog.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say hello to the readers, and I look forward to hearing from you.

wisteria said...

Hi David, So glad you found the blog. May I say it is great to meet you and that I devoured your book in one sitting. It was very engaging.

Without giving away too much of the book, are you planning a sequel? Also, what precipitated your plot for this book?

Thanks, Wisteria

Anonymous said...

Hi Wisteria,
thanks for the comment.I hope to write a sequel some time in future. The plot was originally used in another espionage thriller that I wrote in 1984.