Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Salon, January 4th 2009

Since this is the first Sunday Salon of the New Year I wanted to wish everyone a

Happy New Year.

2008 Blogger Favorites:
I know many of our Sunday Salon bloggers have listed a review of their reading history or a listing of favorite books for 2008. I think this is so important and worthwhile. So valuable in fact, I decided to host my challenge, the Book Blogger Buddy Challenge, so that bloggers take this unsolicited advice offered throughout the year about best book recommendations. I thought about this for some time and realized that we get caught up in our own world and read, review, read, review. Do we listen to our Book Blogging Buddies? Do we listen when they tell us about a great book? Most of us listen, I know I do, because the work we do takes time and thought. I want to act on some of the great books I read reviews about. I can't wait any longer and blame my TBR pile is too big. Now is your chance to read a few of those books you may have wanted to. Then honor your buddy, and list their name next to the recommendation. Take a look at my list and good luck!

My 2008 Reflection

Reflection and meta-cognition are essential strategies I do naturally as I read. I don't always consciously think about my reading, but when I do reflect I ask myself to think deeply and critically about what I read. That's why I love the year end reflections I read from many of the blogging community. I enjoy reading about their thinking as it stimulates my own thinking as well. So with that in mind I offer the following about this past year.

2008 was an exciting year for me because I became an official blogger on-line. Tentative at first, but with baby steps I soon began to crawl and they walk to an almost upright position. Yes, I did falter a lot and I had to fall many times to learn about myself and better ways to write, blog, communicate and share.

My 2008 Somewhat Different Top 10 List for the Year

1. What did I do before blogging?
2. Blogging made me a better reader because of my thinking. I read 70+ books and completed my first two challenges. 50 Book Challenge through Library thing and Southern Challenge on Sunday Salon.
3. Blogging made me a better writer through my posts by rewriting and editing. I completed 60+ reviews and have published in two magazines and numerous blog forums online. PS: A special thank you to (JJ) for all her support this year!!!
4. I met many new friends through my blogging who made me realize being called a bookworm isn't a bad thing. You go Bookworms!!!
5. I will always have something to write about on my blog, because it's my blog.
6. Sunday Salon rocks and each writer is creatively unique and important. I look forward to Sunday mornings... they will never be the same.
7. ARCs are my lifeline and getting free books in the mail is so.....much fun.
8. Challenges are fun just because I love to read. When my friend asked, "What do you get?" I said that the prize was the satisfaction of completing challenge. Book lovers get it!!
9.It's essential to have your own TBR book choice pile? Never go to bed without one on your night stand.
10.Blogging has made me a conscious, critical thinking reviewer of books. I continue to love reading anytime and anyplace and look forward to 2009 and what awaits.

My Top Pic Books 2008

Top Pick of the Year
* Shades of Gray by Jessica James

* The King's Daughter, by Sandra Worth
* Sweetsmoke by David Fuller
* Miles from Nowhere, by Nami Mun
* The Common Bond, by Donigan Merritt
* The Glimmer Palace, by Beatrice Colin
* A Thousand Veils by D.J. Murphy
* The Translator, by Daoud Hari
* Tears of the Desert:
A Memoir of Survival in Darfur by Halima Bashir
* My Father's Paradise, by Ariel Sabar
* Franklin and Lucy by Joseph Persico

Wisteria Leigh


Ladytink_534 said...

Happy New Year to you as well. Hope you find many more favorites in 2009!

Iliana said...

Happy New Year Wisteria! I also listed The Glimmer Palace as one of my top reads.

Here's wishing you lots of good books in the new year!

Jessica James said...

I don't think I knew Shades was the TOP book of 2008! Thank you and hope you have a happy 2009.

Unknown said...

I haven't read Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur yet. I will have to check it out. I've read The Lost Boys of Sudan and similar boooks. I love reading true life stories of survival.