Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reason to Switch to Wordpress!!!!!

Well I am really annoyed at Blogger right now because all the comments from this morning up to now are gone. Yep, gone. Lovely!!!!

First I wasn't able to Publish your comments. Of course there is no way to email anyone to fix this. You have to go to a Help Forum, which trust me is no help.
Then you post your problem, where no one gets back to you and you just wait.
Then, after several hours, I think it was five hours, I checked my blog and guess what?
I can now hit the button that says Publish where all your comments go somewhere in the CLOUD of the Internet. I am so mad right now, my red-headed temper is exploding.

So, now I have two choices. Take moderation off and allow all the wacko's to post, or switch to Wordpress. Well, I guess switching to Wordpress is the only option.

So much for Blogger. I hope everyone is reading this. Please feel free to comment. Although I can't guarantee I will be able to post your wise words.


Iliana said...

What a mess! I hope you can get this fixed soon Wisteria. Hang in there.

Darlene said...

Yup, I had the same problem. Only thing is I didn't really notice it right off so I'm not sure how long it was going on. I had just posted a giveaway and review and noticed none of the comments were there. Then when they started showing up, of course the rest were gone. Uggggggggggggh. I still have the comments so I think for the giveaways I'm going to repost them myself. What a pain!

Serena said...

I think Blogger is going down the tubes and I'm so glad I switched to Wordpress....I hated that Blogger had no one to answer questions except that dumb forum!

Jessica (The Bluestocking Society) said...

Bummer. It's such a pain to switch things over to a different host. I really like Wordpress, though.