Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Movie Recap-The King's Speech

Wow! I want to share an astounding film with you, The King's Speech. 

What an incredible story of King George VI. If you have not seen this brilliant performance by a spectacular cast, treat yourself to a truly wonderful movie today.  Here is the official trailer to take a look, but honestly, the acting is superb. Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter had me staring at the screen with an engrossing intensity.  I have to see it again, something I have rarely done. The story is based on the history and life of King George VI, who struggled with a speech impediment for years. When he  assumed the thrown after his brother abdicated, the spotlight on his elocution was intensified causing even greater self-doubt. The fascinating and the clever repartee between King George VI (Bertie) and Lionel Logue, his speech therapist will deliver many emotional scenes that are unforgettable. Don't miss this marvelous contender that I predict will be nominated for Best Movie of the Year and Best Actor.  (January 25, 2011).

© [Wisteria Leigh] and [Bookworm's Dinner], [2011].


ImageNations said...

Hope it would inspire others with such a problem.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

My husband and I are dying to see this one; maybe this coming weekend. Sounds so good.