Monday, November 17, 2008

I Joined IndieBound Today is an organization that has grown to include more and more independent booksellers in communities around the country. IndieBound was formed to raise awareness and help to keep revenue at the local level. Don't you just love to go snooping around the quaint and quiet cozy bookstores that just open their arms and wrap you tight safe, like the feeling a newborn baby gets cuddled close to her mother's chest. I know when I walk into a small independent bookstore, I either know the people working there, the owners or will get to know them very soon. Helpful is not even close to describing my experiences with the small booksellers approach. Call me crazy, but I just really love to shop where service and familiarity are paramount to numbers lining up at the register. I love being called by my first name. Recommendations, holding new releases, personal phone calls about new arrivals are just a few other perks I enjoy. Somehow, having the book wrapped up in a nice bag, maybe a ribbon or sticker, a smile and a thank you with all sincerity make all the difference when that is the last moment you have contact prior to leaving the store. It's so amazing too, I always leave happy and looking forward to visiting again.

What about you? How about joining and help pass the word to keep these remarkable book suppliers among our community by spending your money locally. What would we do without these local shops with that obscure old treasure of a book you've been searching for everywhere tucked among the tall shelves.

This is a copy of the Declaration of IndieBound from their website.


Ruth King said...

I'm on IndieBound as well. I love their message. It's really important to me to support my local independent bookstore -- it opened when I was in second grade, right when my passion for reading really took off -- so it's always going to be very special to me.

wisteria said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm so happy you are on board too. Your experience is just what the organization is talking about.

Another bonus I forgot to mention with independent bookstores is their ability to attract authors for talks and book signings. The small size allows for a more relaxed and intimate conversation with the guest. I have met so many great authors in independent shops.

Thanks for your comment.

Lesa said...

Yes, I work closely with The Poisoned Pen, an independent bookstore in Scottsdale. That's how I bring authors to Velma Teague.

Wisteria, I presented you with a Bookworm Award on my blog, and tagged you. However, don't worry about it if you're not interested in doing memes. Sometimes people don't like them, or have time for them.