Saturday, November 22, 2008

November 22 is America Unchained Day!!!

The American Independent Business Alliance has declared November 22nd to be Unchained Day in America and Canada. You can read their National Press Release here.

The objective of AMIBA's plan today, is to support local independent sellers and ask buyers to unchain themselves from the large chain stores for one day. The potential to pump millions into local communities is enormous. Just imagine the impact one day of sales from people who have made a choice to shop locally can make. According to AMIBA, the day long event was planned to occur before the holiday rush in order to maximize awareness and revenue.

Anyone buying books or planning to buy books for the holidays, think about doing your shopping today, November 22nd at one of the bookshops in your community. Check out the site where they have tips and suggestions to help you. They have an easy to use electronic wish list that you can use to stay organized. They, along with many other organizations, are joining today to support the AMIBA and their initiatives. When shopping today think local, not global as they each stand to benefit.

I recently blogged about on this blog. One helpful idea they mentioned was to visit a local bookshop, write a review about the store and to also make sure the store was on the Indie Bound map. Today I'm excited about visiting a small bookshop up the road.

It is possible to make a huge impact with a small effort by each one of us. However, it will take a huge collective effort by "all of us" to realize the potential gains possible for your local independent sellers and ultimately your community.


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