Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Salon-August 29, 2010

The Sunday

It's been a crazy busy week for me. School officially starts tomorrow, for the teachers and our students arrive on Thursday. For those of you teachers out there, you know how it is having to get back in to your rooms ahead of school to get everything ready. I am a library/media specialist and teach 23 classes on a variety of subjects incorporating 21st century skills: media literacy, information literacy, social media, bullying, internet safety, research, website evaluation. I also have younger classes, with an emphasis on story time with exposure to different authors and series. They learn how to locate books independently and expand their reading choices.

Along with the daily management of the media center, I also collaborate with teachers to help them integrate technology and 21st century skills within their lessons. Sometimes I help teachers with new software or a new technology initiative or equipment that is being rolled out. This year our school system has adopted Google Apps for our school system, so tomorrow, yes tomorrow, day one, I will be teaching an aspect of Google Mail. Over the summer our school system converted to Google Mail, so tomorrow I will be reviewing the different uses and how to's for Google Calendar. We have thirty-four teachers and many paraprofessionals, so the day will be busy for me, but I'm looking forward to it.

The first week of school is always, always nerve racking. It doesn't matter how long you have been teaching, it is just a charged week of energy all around. I love it though and I had a wonderful summer of reading and relaxing. I am fortunate and grateful for a job that I really love. Yes, I will have less time to read, and less time for my blog, so I hope everyone understands. Obviously, my job has to come first...or I wouldn't be able to have a blog. Sadly, I say goodbye to my summer vacation, but look forward to a fabulous school year.

My plans for today are to finish reading For the King's Favor by Elizabeth Chadwick. This book is so good...really, you have to read something by Elizabeth Chadwick if you never have. She is a phenomenal historical fiction writer. When I say..can't put this down. hands seem to be glued to this paperback. Great cover too isn't it?

Then, I need to get serious and ready for tomorrow. The first day back to my notes for the class I'm teaching to the staff....chores...more planning...take care of the dogs...a little anxiety here and there...and hopefully a good night's sleep. What is going on in your life today?

Oh I forgot...the kids might want to take a walk today in their favorite new place. Look at those ears.

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Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I love the beginning of the year. My library won't open next week as we are still trying to put everything back together after the summer remodeling.

I've been reading your blog for a long time, but I just became a follower!

I finally finished Three Musketeers and that's the subject of my Sunday Salon. Hope you will stop by.

The Bookworm said...

Enjoy your Sunday wisteria.
I cant believe summer flew by so fast.
It sounds like you are very busy doing something you really enjoy, good for you!
Good luck on the first day of school.

I need to read Chadwick, I love that genre and I've heard good things about her.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Have a great week at school. I'm sure the dogs will miss you. Doggy Day Care or do they manage on their own without destroying the house?

wisteria said...

Reader Buzz...I read your's too!!
At least you have a little time to get organized. How nice that you got remodeled!! Are you going to show pics? Let me know. What are do you teach? Where? You can email if you prefer...tekeygirl at gmail dot com

wisteria said...

Naida....Yes it flew by. Always does...but I expect it to so I guess that's why I don't get too sad when it ends. I know how precious this time is for me. You will love Chadwick's writing. I know with your love of Heyer and others..this will be a must on your shelves. I can't wait to read other books she wrote.

wisteria said...

Biblio...Well they are on their own, but I have them in kennels. Last year with Webster sick, it was tough.. I didn't always have them in the kennels. It takes a while to get them settled once school starts, but through the summer they have learned to go in the kennels by themselves. I usually leave Lion out..he's the best and won't cause trouble. They actually feel safer in there. Especially Wizard..since one of the cats taunts him with enthusiasm. If I have afterschool meetings or other commitments, I have a sitter who comes by. It works out. It will be a little easier without the stress of Webster...even though I miss him sooooo much.

Alice said...

It's wonderful that you love your job. I can say the same thing about mine too. We're both very fortunate. I really like the sound of what you do too. Your furkids are sure having lots of fun!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

For The Kings Favor sounds good. I could use a good historical fiction read.

Iliana said...

Oh, thanks for the tip on the Chadwick! I love historical fiction so I must add her to my list.

Hope you have a great start of the school year!

Ladytink_534 said...

Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate! Good luck and I hope the kids love their walk :)

Aisle B said...

Hope all went well with the start of school, my wee one started this week. Hats off to you and hope you had the chance to read For the King's Favor.
Love your kids, beautiful little pups.