Friday, July 17, 2009

Bookish Friday....On My Desk

I was just over visiting Nymeth and she has a posting of her desk. I was supposed to do this some time ago and never did, so after viewing her post here goes.
I actually sit in a recliner comfy chair suitable for very short people. Believe it or not, they sell such a thing. My laptop is always on my lap unless I'm reading in my chair.

My desks are actually coffee tables in my living room. I have an office, but I hate to be away from my dogs. So what you are seeing is my table that contains my stereo equipment. On top I have book baskets, my greyhound statue, and at the moment a big mess. This is what it looks like when I'm working, reading, relaxing and too lazy to clean-up. I organize my current books, ARCs, school books etc. in different baskets.

What's on top....Statue, baskets, lip-gloss(you never know who may ring the bell), two house phones, my cell phone, sunglasses, eye drops, sticky tabs, library card, reading classes, lamp, iced coffee (omnipresent), blue tape for masking my walls (yes, I'm painting), my GPS from my car (so I won't get lost). My current reads..American Lion, Under This Broken Sky, and a new ARC..The Widows's Season.

My other coffee table is a little more organized. I post this photo so that you will know I'm not totally disorganized. I'm also right in the middle of painting. More to come....LOL.


Anonymous said...

What fun- I love seeing other people's workspaces. You actually couldn't see mine even if I took a picture because it is so covered with dust, books, papers, crumbs, notepads, etc. you would just thing it was some kind of mound!

Literary Feline said...

Your chair sounds really nice! I sometimes will sit on the couch, nestled in the corner with my laptop on my lap. :-) Your desk looks about as cluttered as mine does right now. LOL

Thanks for sharing!

serendipity_viv said...

Nice to see a sneaky peak into your life.

Ana S. said...

The second picture is very neat! And the first one is not too bad either :P Those coffee/iced coffee glasses and mugs really are omnipresent! Normally an old one of mine goes away to make room for a new one.

The Bookworm said...

cool pictures! I like the greyhound statue, at first glance I thought it was a real pup :) Having lip gloss handy is always a good idea lol

wisteria said...

Rhapsody..I have to straighten it before I go to bed or it makes me nuts the next day.
Literary..I used to use my couch before 4 greyhounds took up residence. LOL
Nymeth...Yes, my coffee cup gets changed.LOL I always thought I was a right brain person. Very scattered. However, being the Gemini,these two pictures really detail the difference. LOL
Naida..That statue has fooled more people including my own greyhounds. Never read at home without lip gloss I always say. LOL

Iliana said...

Love seeing your desk and love that pic of you! Thank you for inviting us into your home :)

Alice said...

I love seeing all the pics. You're still organized even though you're showing your not-so-organized ones. LOL!