Saturday, August 1, 2009

Amelia Earhart-An Amazing Hero of Mine

Here is the trailer of the movie about Amelia Earhart due to be released this fall. It is starring Hilary Swank and Richard (love him) Gere. I can't wait for this movie as she is and always has been my hero. I think she was an amazing women of strength and courage, tenacity and vision. She had the determination to pursue the non-traditional roles society expected of women during the 1930s. I have always wanted to fly and she makes a statement in the movie where she says, "I want to fly to be free", I can totally relate.

I love to read about strong women heroines in both fiction and non-fiction genre. Perhaps it is because my mom introduced me to biographies of famous people at an early age. I remember having my face buried in a book, so often it would be a biography. It was during this time I believe my love of history began.

One person who I have always had a fascination with is Amelia Earhart. It is obvious when you visit my home that Amelia has a special place on many walls throughout. Her strong spirit and sense of adventure was to some eccentric, brave, and unusual. I think of her as a remarkable special person who chose to make a difference. After all, her behavior was not what you would expect for a women in the 1930s. She also had a unique friendship with Eleanor Roosevelt, who I also admire. My sister knows my obsession with AE so this morning she sent me this news clip. Wouldn't it be wild to finally solve the mystery of Amelia's final flight? Take a look.

This video from CNN is a short clip about using the DNA from a surviving relative to hopefully discover what happened to her and if her plane did crash on an island in the pacific.

Who is your hero/heroine? Do you like to read about women who challenged the norm, stepped out of the box, or were ahead of their time? Tell me about your heroes?


Anonymous said...

She was TOTALLY my heroine growing up. So then I decided I wanted to join the Civil Air Patrol and learn to fly, and yes, just as you may have guessed, they would not take girls at that time! So much for that! But I have always loved her - so glad a movie is coming up. Thanks for posting all that!

wisteria said...

Hey Rhapsody...I always wanted to fly too. Then I found out I have vertigo. Apparently, that is also what John F. Kennedy Jr. had. It can really mess you up flying. But, I still love to fly. :)

The Bookworm said...

The Amelia movie sounds great! She's always fascinated me.

Alice said...

Great post about Amelia.

My role model is mom. She's a single mom who didn't falter when her husband left her to fend for herself and she brought up six kids who are all now doing very well. I salute her strength and determination.